In Other News, Being Chronically Ill Sucks


Hey, cuties!

How are you? You might have guessed from my radio silence I’ve been struggling a bit. Unfortunately, it comes with the territory of being chronically ill. You may be aware I recently got concussed. I also had a bad reaction to a medication and had to be taken off it, and got put on a trial for a thing I strap to my leg that’s supposed to make my pain go away. So far it just makes my leg feel like it’s falling asleep three times every other hour.

Basically, it’s been a bit of a go of it.

I went home for spring break and banked a cumulative six hours in the dentist’s chair– I still can’t eat hard foods or things that are acidic. I had midterms the last week and am exhausted. Honestly, I didn’t really get a good break which I really needed.

Anyways. I’ve missed writing for this blog and recording podcasts. I’ve been busy trying to catch on sleep and, you know, feeling like I’ve been run over by truck. But I’m trying to rebound.

Watch this space 🙂


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