Spoonie Spotlight- January 2019


Hey there, cuties!

I hope you had a good month! As promised in the podcast episode I posted today, I’ve compiled for you today a (brief) list of spoonies who are active online who I wanted to spotlight for this month!

Instagram: my.eds

I think the biggest compliment I can give Rose of my.eds it’s that I actually watch their story, which is not something I usually do. I’m terrible at Instagram, but I definitely always check Rose’s story and page to see what’s going on with them. They (I’m not sure of Rose’s pro-nouns and don’t want to assume) have EDS (as you might have guessed) and share really openly about their struggles and such, as well as plenty of cute puppy content. Highly recommend you go follow!

YouTube: Hannah Witton

Hannah Witton started her youtube channel as a sex positive space, and talked about sex for a lot of her early content. She has evolved into talking more and more about her chronic illness as her Chron’s flared and caused her to get surgery to get an ostomy. I totally recommend all of her content wholeheartedly, and am so excited to read the book version that she’s writing that is an adaption of the series she had on her channel called “The Hormone Diaries” wherein she went off her birth control and such.

FaceBook: Spoonerinos

If you’re not a fan of the podcast My Favorite Murder, this group isn’t for you (and please don’t join if you’re not otherwise you’ll be v confused), but I have to shout them out for being the most amazing, supportive group ever. If you’re not already in support groups on Facebook, I can’t recommend them highly enough! It really helps to know you’re not the only one going through what you’re dealing with– and having a safe, supportive place to ask for help and advice.

Have any recommendations?

Drop ’em in the comments below! And don’t forget to go show these people some love ❤



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