January Favorites :)


Hey, cuties!

Hope you’re well! Two of my favorite YouTubers just posted their January favorites, and I was tickled because, hey, I’m posting mine! So exciting! This isn’t really chronic illness related, but this is my blog and I’ll post what I want to. ūüėČ

General Lifestyle

1. Sleepy Body Lotion from Lush

This was actually a gift from my parents for Christmas and I’ve become¬†obsessed. I’m really bad at remembering to put on lotion after I shower but this smells so good I’ve been remembering every night. I love that the scent lasts overnight, and how moisturized I feel all the following day. It’s a mix of lavender and tonka, and that scent totally does make me feel sleepy– but also just ridiculously happy.

2. Bullet Journaling

Even when I was home for break and not doing much of anything (thanks, terrible reaction to Cymbalta!), I was bullet journaling, though during that time I was really just doing it as a creative outlet. Now that I’ve started school, my daily pages are a mess (yes, I need a full page for a day) BUT I’ve been so productive and I haven’t been forgetting things. I finished all my homework for Wednesday by Monday night this week. I plan on doing a whole post on this sometime soon, so keep an eye out for that!

3. My Fancy Keurig

Story time: I recently broke my regular coffee maker, and we (as in my parents and I) decided to get me a Keurig. Now. I’m not a huge fan of coffee, but I can down a latte like no one’s business. I was originally planning on getting a Keurig and a milk frother, but then I discovered that Keurig just released their K-Cafe model that¬†has a frother built in. It’s $20 more expensive than the regular machine, but that’s just the cost of a separate milk frother! So, in short, I freaking love this Keurig.


4. The Libby App

Libby is a library app– the new iteration of Overdrive. It’s much more user friendly than Overdrive ever was, and I’ve been absolutely¬†obsessed with it because it makes it just so much easier for me to read books.¬†I’m a traditionalist and I prefer real, physical books, but that’s just not as practical as eBooks are– especially when I can read them for free through my library! In fact, these next two favorites are actually books I read on the Libby app!

5. The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

I’ve been hearing about this book for so long, and really wanted to read it, but with my crazy college schedule I don’t always have time for reading, unfortunately. But then I was stuck on the couch during the whole Cymbalta debacle, I was reading like nobody’s business (thanks, Libby!). I loved this book so much, which isn’t surprising because so far I’ve loved everything Shonda Rhimes has ever done. It’s a really eye-opening book that definitely made me think about how much I say “no” to things, and I totally plan on changing some of that (within reason, as fibromyalgia screws up a lot of the things I want to do).

6. The Curated Closet by Anushka Rees

I’m totally planning to write an entire blog post about me cleaning out my closet, and how I go about updating it, using the information and worksheets in this book (and the accompanying workbook). This is another book I originally read on Libby and loved so much I bought a physical copy of it as well as the workbook. While there is a little talk about capsule wardrobes, this book is actually about just curating down your closet to make it easier to pick out outfits and so you’re only wearing things you love– and also so you shop less, which I’m sure my parents would love!


7. The Anna Edit

I have now watched almost all of the videos Anna has uploaded and I have to say she is my new favorite YouTuber. Her blog is also absolutely amazing, as well, but her British accent combined with her style and insights make her YouTube way amazing. She does fashion and lifestyle videos, and is the literal coolest. Also– expect to see her book,¬†An Edited Life, in next month’s favorites (it doesn’t come out in the US until February).

8. Sex Education

I absolutely¬†devoured¬†this Netflix series. Though, I have to warn you: when they say this is for mature audiences,¬†they mean it. Literally within like the first minute and a half you’re watching two people have sex and seeing a girl’s boobs. Which isn’t at all a bad thing, in my mind, but something to keep in mind. This series is full of nuanced characters, well-written storylines, and really touching moments– along with moments that are so funny you’ll actually laugh out loud. NGL, I’m totally going to be rewatching this show again way too soon. I literally cannot wait until the next season comes out!

Let me know your favorite from this month in the comments!


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