My Three Event Rule: Where I Find Events (Podcast Post)


Hey there cuties!

EEK Episode four of the The Chronically Cute Podcast just went live! I can’t believe I’ve been so good about posting and everything, and that we’ve made it through a month of podcasting already.

Today’s episode (which you can listen to/find a link to your favorite place to listen to here) is about my Three Event Rule. I’d totally recommend listening to that episode, but what it boils down to is I have made a rule for myself that I have to keep three things on my calendar that I’m looking forward to at all times.

But where do I find these events? Especially ones that are cheap or free? Well, that’s where this blog post comes in!

Places to Go

One of the first things I think about is whether there’s a museum nearby I want to visit, either for the first time or the like sixtieth. I love going to art museums, but I rarely make time for it. If I schedule it ahead of time, I can look forward to going leading up to that day– and I can make sure not to schedule anything I don’t want to do (like going to a doctor’s appointment or running errands) for that day. If you’re worried about ticket price, see if your library has a museum pass system, or, if you’re in college, where you get free admission.

If there’s a movie I’m excited to see, I’ll pick a day after it’s released to plan to go see it. As far as cost, my college does give us two free tickets a week to go see movies (!!!) so for me it’s inexpensive. Another thing to consider is not buying concessions (though if you sneak some in– which I’m not condoning– make sure you throw them out outside the movie theater like in a trash can on the street).

We All Have Our Go-Tos

The first places I check for scheduled programming are my local bookstore and library. I do love reading, but both these places run programming that isn’t book-related as well! I’m actually going to an event at my favorite local bookstore on Tuesday 🙂

I also check the music venues near me that often have musicians I love, as well as my school’s events. For me, these tend to be one and the same often since I study music, but these are probably more separate for the general population.

There are Dedicated Websites for This!

I live in a city, so I’m lucky and there are a few websites dedicated to events going on around me. If you just google where you live and “events” you’re likely to find a similar site for where you live. I like doing this because I find events I never would have heard of otherwise.

Plans With Friends Count!

If you’re busy, like me, and don’t always get to see your friends, you know that hanging out with friends can, unfortunately, feel like a treat. I don’t really count things like going out to get coffee and study, or a last minute pamper night, but things like a movie night you plan a week in advance or a Galentine’s Day hangout are totally fair game! Of course, you can totally count whatever you want if you’re adopting this 🙂

Bonus points, of course, if you do the other events with your friends!

Are you thinking you’ll give this “rule” a try? Let me know in the comments, and let me know how it goes! ALSO! Please tell me in the comments if there are any ways to find things to do that I missed!!!



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