Setting Myself Up For Success This Semester


Hey there, cuties!

As I mentioned in my blog post on Tuesday, I started a new semester this week! So far I’m really liking my classes (though I’ve obviously only been to them once and even then really I’ve only been to like three of my seven classes at this point), and I’m excited to see what I learn from these courses.

Today I wanted to talk about what I do to set myself up for success at the beginning of the semester. I think you can definitely do this whenever you’re coming back from a break, even just a vacation or holiday, if you aren’t currently in school. Of course, this mostly applies to those of us still in the education system (god help us).

I start by getting my calendars sorted.

My fibromyalgia gives me TERRIBLE brain fog, and the way I counteract this is by keeping my bullet journal, calendars, and Google Calendar up to date. Personally, I use multiple planners/calendars to keep everything organized, but if you can keep things organized with one planner, more power to you.

I plan to do a dedicated post on how I plan and how I use my bullet journal to manage my illness and track my health, so keep an eye out for that. If you’re really excited to see that, let me know in the comments so I post it sooner rather than later.

This past weekend, I double checked that all my appointments were in my calendar as well as in my bullet journal, as well as setting up for the week. I also put all the assignments that were posted on my course sites in my assignment tracker so I had at least a small idea what I was going to have to get done this week.

When I got back into town, I tried to sort out my apartment and make it live-able.

Unfortunately, I didn’t end up finishing before the week started so I’ve still been working on it even though class has started. In any case, I definitely made a major dent in it before classes started and that’s been really helping. It’s so nice to wake up and walk into a clean, organized kitchen to make breakfast then take a seat in my (relatively) clean, organized living room.

I still need to finish cleaning up my “office” area (my apartment is really weird), set up my desk, and clean out my closet– which I’m saving for last because it’s what I’m most excited to do. But after I’ve organized all of these things, I’ll be getting someone in to clean my apartment. Like, actual cleaning with soap and shit. Luckily I can have someone else do it for me, because I physically cannot.

When I had my schedule finalized, I ordered my books for pick up to skip the lines.

I like to buy my books from my bookstore online for in person pick up. This way I just have to walk in and tell them my name and they’re just waiting for me. The line at the bookstore can get ridiculously long, and I don’t have the patience to wait.

My next steps…

…are to make notebook covers for all my digital notebooks (I take my class notes on my iPad with my fancy pants Apple Pencil), organize my papers, and get my desk sorted so I have a place to put my textbooks.

Here’s Hoping It’s A Good Semester!

What have you done to prep for this semester, or even just this month or season? Let me know! (And don’t forget to let me know about that planning post 😉 )



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