Fibromyalgia- The Chronically Cute Podcast Episode 2


Hey cuties!

Today the second official/first full episode of The Chronically Cute Podcast is up today! There are EIGHT places you can listen to it now! Eight! (If you can’t tell, that’s really exciting to me). You can hear it on Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, and Stitcher. It will be available other places soon but at least we got Apple and Stitcher, right? To find it, click here to look at the anchor profile, click “listen on your favorite app” and pick an app! Or just listen through anchor 🙂

So What Did We Talk About Today?

Today’s episode was about fibromyalgia, a real fun disease wherein you have chronic pain all over as well as other special symptoms like mood disorders, cognitive issues like trouble focusing (affectionately dubbed fibro-fog), and other great issues like insomnia and vertigo. Basically, it’s a terrible time.

I decided to start off with fibromyalgia because I personally have it, and I wanted to start with something I’m familiar with.

Have Something to Add?

Have personal experience with fibromyalgia you want to add to what I said in the podcast? I’m planning to do a follow up podcast featuring your personal stories! Email me about it at 🙂 I want to hear your input! You can either email me your comments type out, or you can include a voice memo as long as it’s concise and the audio is clear. If you do send a voice memo, please introduce yourself unless you’d like to be anonymous. Either way, please indicate whether you want me to give your name, and what name I should say if so.

Resources from the Podcast

As promised, below are the resources I used to put together this podcast episode so you can do more research!

General Fibro:

Most of my information came from WebMD and MayoClinic, both of which I trust. These were my main resources for information about the basics, like causes and treatments. I also found supplementary information from Very Well Health.

Related Symptoms:

IBS: I got the information used in this episode about IBS from MayoClinic.


Interstitial Cystitis: I got the information about Interstitial Cystitis (Painful Bladder Syndrome) from MayoClinic *if you heard the symptoms on the podcast and thought this might be something you have, please read more about it because I really barely skimmed the surface covering this condition.

TMJ: Most of the information I gave on the podcast I knew from personal experience, but I did reference the MayoClinic page as well.



Medication: I used this article from WebMD for reference for what medicines are prescribed for fibromyalgia.

The quote I gave and other information about myofascial release came from this website.

I used this article from the website Medical News Today to research recommended exercise for those with fibromyalgia.

That’s All for Today, Folks!

Watch this space for a blog post this Tuesday and Thursday, then another podcast next Sunday wherein I tell you all about me getting my emotional support animal 🙂

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