The Chronically Cute Podcast Launch!


new podcastjust launched!.png

Hey there, cuties, and Happy New Year!

In this new year, I’m launching The Chronically Cute Podcast, which has gone up TODAY! The first launch is today is currently available here through Anchor, but in the next coming days will be available on most podcast platforms. I’ll update this post at the bottom when it’s more widely available πŸ™‚

I’m starting this podcast for much the same reason I started this blog: to create a space for us spoonies to talk and discuss our chronic illnesses, share advice and hacks, and help spread awareness.

New episodes will be posted every week on Sunday, and there will always be an accompanying blog post sharing a summary of the episode, links to where to listen, as well as any resources from any research I’ve done for the episode.

But Wait, There’s More!

In order to make this podcast what I want it to be, I need your help!

Is there something you want to hear me talk about? Is there a hack or product you know about that makes your life easier that you want to share with me? Do you want to share with me your experience with chronic illness? Please feel free to email me at!

Please let me know if you want your input to be anonymous or credited. If you’d like, you can include a voice memo of yourself if you have a short question or a short anecdote or piece of advice!

And Lastly, I Need Your Input

I want this to be a podcast with community input, and in order to get that input I’ve been thinking about sending out an email blast or newsletter with my upcoming topics asking for input. Would you be interested in getting this email so you can contribute if you want to?

Here’s hoping you’ll give it a listen!

If you like it, please subscribe to it, share it with your friends, and leave a review! It’ll help me to reach more people and build our community πŸ™‚


1/8: Now available on Stitcher here

1/10: Now available on Google Podcasts here, Spotify here, Breaker here, Pocket Casts here, and RadioPublic here.

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