Athletic Style


Hey cuties!

I’ve never really been one to keep up with trends, but every once in a while something becomes quote-unquote “fashionable” and I jump on board.

Today, that trend is athletic wear for everyday fashion.

Maybe it’s because it means getting to be more comfy, maybe it’s because it means I get to wear things I like that I normally wouldn’t.


  • Sneakers: These are having their own moment this season, which is totally fine by me! My favorite shoes, Clarks Cloudsteppers, look like sneakers (at least, the ones I have)– review coming next month of these shoes!
  • Branded Activewear: This isn’t my kind of thing but this is a really easy way to get in on this trend. If you (unlike me) have an Adidas shirt hanging in the back of your closet, you’re well on your way.
  • Workout Wear Mixed with Regular Clothes: If sneakers is my absolute easiest way in, this is the second easiest. Basically, you change something that you’re already planning to wear with something more athletic.

Piece of Focus

I saw this windbreaker on Forever 21 and I fell in love. It’s not the kind of thing I usually wear, but I went for it hoping I could make it work. And I like to think I did! So I’m styling this today; for an option with more inclusive sizes, you can find something similar here.

athletic (1 of 2)

Outfit One: Full Trend

For this outfit, I’m wearing a grey crop top from Primark (similar here), a pair of American Eagle jean shorts, my windbreaker, and a pair of Nike sneakers. I purposefully wore my hair in a ponytail to look more “sporty” to go with the look.

Also, my hair was dirty.

Also: my cat’s the cutest ever, isn’t she.

Outfit Two: A Little More Everyday

athletic (2 of 2)

To make the windbreaker a little less sporty, I paired it with a polka dot dress from Old Navy. I wore it with my Forever 21 wedge sneakers, which I usually wouldn’t wear because of my hips but if I were dressed up this much I’d probably not be doing a lot of walking. Because I kept the rest of my outfit fairly neutral, the windbreaker doesn’t look so out of place even though it’s so bright and the pattern is loud.

If possible, my kitty is cuter in this photo than the last one. Her name’s Abby.

Are you a fan of this trend? Let me know x

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