What I Wear to OT/PT


Hey cuties!

If you read my post about my diagnosis and treatment, you’ll know the reason I tried so hard to get a diagnosis was because of persistent pain in my wrists and the rest of my arms.

The first big change in my treatment was the addition of occupational and physical therapy. I currently go to occupational therapy to get ultrasound treatment on my wrists, and i got to physical therapy to get stretches, exercises, and sometimes ultrasound for my shoulders (and, in the future, treatment for my lower back).

But the thing about my OT and PT treatments is that I can’t wear shirts with sleeves because I may need to get ultrasound on my shoulders, and I need past my elbows available for the forearm ultrasound.

The Basics:

  • No Sleeves: as mentioned above, sleeveless shirts are an absolute must.
  • Jacket: Hospitals are almost invariably kept at uncomfortable cool temperatures. Even in the summer, sometimes I take a light jacket or sweater for while I’m in the waiting room. This is also handy if I don’t feel like walking around with my compression sleeves out and proud.
  • Medium or Large Purse: Oftentimes things get sent home with me, and it’s nice to have a bag to put these things. Hand outs with my PT exercises on, resistance bands, schedules, braces… It’s nice to be able to put them in my purse instead of taking home a bag I’ll just have to throw out.

Example Outfits

Occupational Therapy

What I Wear to OT
In this outfit, I’m wearing a tank top my OT has to have seen on me half as many times as she’s actually seen me. I got this a while ago from Target, but you can find something similar here.

Because it doesn’t matter what I’m wearing on bottom, I usually just throw on jean shorts because it’s easy and always look cute. Today when I went I was too bloated for jeans (that IBS life though), so I wore these adorable polka dot shorts from Target that I just got. I’m so totally in love with them. I’ve already worn them twice and I got them on Saturday.

I wear my black Tieks when it’s hot out (similar, less expensive here), but if it’s cooler out I’ll wear my Clarks Cloudsteppers because they’re cushier. (link coming, their website is down).

Physical Therapy

Whenever I go to physical therapy, I make sure I’m wearing shorts or What I Wear to PT
leggings because I’ll usually be lying down. This more the kind of outfit I wore at the end of spring when it was cooler out, so now I’d probably wear shorts instead of leggings. But come on, this outfit is hella cute.

My leggings are from Fabletics. I totally fell for their deal that gets you to sign up– don’t make this mistake. The only way to cancel your membership that automatically charges you every month is to call them and cancel, which I think is terrible business practice. I also don’t think Fabletics leggings are worth the price. Instead, I’d recommend these from Forever 21 which are cheaper, but since they’re such a specific look it’s doubtful you’ll wear them so much they’ll give out (the only similar option I found that has any plus sizes from a store that I trust is these from Athleta, which only come in 1 and 2x– if you think I missed a store or have a recommendation of where to look let me know!!!).

I’m wearing a very old tank top from Victoria’s Secret (similar here)with a bralette underneath. Usually I’d either wear this outfit with my Tieks or with my Nike sneakers (relatively similar Nike style here).


If you go to OT/PT, what do you like to wear? Any tips? Any questions? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!


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