My “Uniforms” for Summer (Or: How I Look Cute On Days When I Don’t Want to Try)


Hey cuties!

Another fashion post coming at you today, this time all about how to make getting dressed and still looking good on bad days easier.

The Golden Rule

Not to treat others the way you want to be treated– though this is a good rule to follow. I’m talkingabout the golden rule of dressing easily:

Know what works and stick to it: know what outfits you feel comfortable in and don’t have to think about, and wear those on days when you don’t want to worry about what you’re wearing but you still want to look cute.

My “Uniforms”

I have effectively three uniforms, for days when I need to get up early or when I’m feeling pretty shitty. They get progressively more “fancy”:

Uniform Option One: Jeans/jean shorts, a graphic t-shirt, and a comfortable pair of shoes.

Chronically Cute Summer Uniforms 2018
If I want to slightly dress this up, I’ll throw on a scarf as well. This always looks okay, and is a little better than the sweatpants and tank top I usually want to wear. Generally I find shirts that are branded or that I got free from school (is this where my parents’s tax dollars went when I was in high school?) make me feel lazy and not cute, so I go more for shirts with cute sayings or with a pattern.

In this photo I’m wearing a pair of dark wash jean shorts from American Eagle, a t-shirt from Target (admittedly from the sleepwear section), and a pair of pink velvet sneakers from Steve Madden (similar here). My purse is Michael Kors, but you can find a cheaper similar one here (which I have in yellow!). (Though I will say I’ve had my Michael Kors one for three years and it looks good as new and has definitely been worn enough for the price tag).

Uniform Option Two: Jean shorts, a pair of comfortable shoes, and a nicer shirt.

Chronically Cute Summer Uniforms 2018 two

If I’m feeling shitty, I’ll go for a more loose-fitting shirt, but one that’s still nicer than a t-shirt. I’ll wear this generally if I’m trying to impress someone, like yesterday when I went to a workshop. I had a terrible symptoms but I wanted to look nice.

For this picture I wore a shirt from Primark (you can find a similar shirt here and here), the same jean shorts from American Eagle, sandals from Baretraps, and a bomber jacket from Francesca’s (you can find a similar one here). My purse is from Target, but you can find a similar one here.

Uniform Option Three: A comfortable sundress, comfortable shoes, and something sparkly.

Chronically Cute Summer Uniforms 2018 three
The ones I find myself grabbing are from Primark (which is where the one I’m wearing in the picture is from), which isn’t easy to get in the US unless you’re lucky enough like I am to live in a city with a shop. I do also like these dresses from Old Navy, however they’re more structured than the Primark ones in that they have zippers and aren’t made of as stretchy a material.

The closest thing I could find to the Primark dress I’m wearing in the photo (which were only 5$!) are these dresses from H&M. With my Primark dress, I’m wearing the same sandals from the second photo and druzy necklace I got from an arts fair (you can find a similar one from Etsy here)(of course, my phone is blocking the necklace anyways but I thought it was worth mentioning!). My purse is the same brown crossbody from Target.

Of course, there are other outfits I have as go to-s. If you want me to make a post about my go-to outfits for different occasions (class, coffee with friends, doctor’s appointment, etc), let me know in the comments!

What’s your “uniform” for days when you don’t feel like trying?


*please note I cannot vouch for the quality of any substitutes I’ve linked because I do not own them!


Chronically Cute Summer Uniforms Pinterest Image


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